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Sep 18, 2017

Top of Mind: PR Results, Storytelling Tips and Working with Influencers

Top of Mind Must Reads for the Week of September 18, 2017

Top of Mind is a weekly, hand-curated selection of must read articles on public relations, social media and content marketing. These are the articles that we are reading and reacting to this week. Expert PR advice is all about preparation and knowledge. Hope these articles add to your ongoing education and PR toolkit.

Public Relations Didn’t Work? 5 Questions to Consider Business2Community

If your organization has used PR in the past and the results were not what you had in mind, it’s possible that personalization was not considered, leadership was not as available as originally anticipated, there was no platform to allow for change, a fair amount of time was not allotted, or the expectations were not realistic.

Breaking the Digital Fourth Wall Through Experiential Storytelling  Brian Solis

Solis explains that the fourth wall is the space that separates a performer from an audience. A storyteller “breaks the fourth wall” when they address the audience directly. Here are some tips.

4 ways to get micro-influencers working for you,  Agility PR

Surprise! Micro-influencers have greater like and engagement rates. Give these ideas a try.

8 Ways Bootstrapped Startups Can Generate Positive PR – Scooblr

There was a time in the startup world—perhaps it’s still the case even today—when every new company was vying to have TechCrunch write a story about it.

So, You Started a Business, But Are You Ready to Work with a Public Relations Pro? – Black Enterprise

Use these questions to assess your PR readiness.