We don’t just write words, we shape messages

Are you wondering how to:

Better position your company and represent your brand?

Fill gaps in your teams with experienced, seasoned experts who can hit the ground running?


Create compelling content tailored to your various audiences?

Use your marketing budget most effectively?

Pull together all the pieces of your marketing efforts and keep everything moving in the right direction?

What the heck is ‘message shaping’?

Message shaping entails the strategic crafting of marketing narratives to help achieve specific business goals.

It’s molding and tuning the stories that will move your customers, investors, and other interested parties to know and — more importantly — care about your offerings and respond to your calls for action.

Message Shapers

  • Project-based
  • Startup packages
    (Starter, sustainer, jet fuel, off-menu)
  • Jet pack in/out
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Speeches, Training packages

Let Message Shapers Help With Your Project-Based Work

Whether you’re an established enterprise or a scrappy startup, you’ll face situations where your marketing resources fall short of what you need.

Message Shapers is a focused consultancy ready to power your strategic and content marketing efforts. Acting as an extension of your existing marketing resources, we step in wherever you need some extra insights, creativity or ideas, and words to tell the stories of your offerings and convey the value of your brand.

We work on a project basis, not on retainer.

How we work

Message Shapers begins with generating ideas and strategies that crystallize your value to the audiences that matter. Then, we deliver compelling content, expertly created and tailored to those audiences.

We follow what we call our SWAT team framework.


Every effective marketing activity starts with a solid strategy. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Who is it for? What results do you expect? Sidestepping or ignoring the strategizing process is like heading out for a trip without knowing your destination or how you’ll get there.


Too often, people think of writing as something that happens at the end of the marketing journey, like icing on the cake. But writing is organized thinking — and thinking, organized. We consider the writing process itself as crucial for sculpting our deliverables. Still not convinced? None other than Jeff Bezos requires Amazon teams to write the “future press release” for products well before they finish designing it.


Who your stories are aimed at is as important as what stories you tell. What audiences do you need to reach? How will you reach them? What’s the context of how your messages will be received? Aiming your stories affects not only the content, but also the genre and the tone of your communications.

Tell Stories:

By this stage of our process, you’re ready to tell the stories that will inspire people to care about your organization and its offerings.