Public Relations
Dec 4, 2023

Top of Mind: Leverage AI tools for traditional PR, but always with ethical mindset

Top of Mind is our weekly, hand-curated selection of must-read articles on marketing, PR, social media, and content for tech. These are the articles that we are reading and reacting to this week. Expert PR advice is all about preparation and knowledge. Hope these articles add to your ongoing education and marketing and communications toolkit.

Top of Mind: Must-Reads for the Week of Dec. 4, 2023

  • 15 Innovative Ways To Leverage AI In Public Relations – Forbes
  • Forbes Agency Council members share ways to leverage AI to enhance and complement efforts in media relations and content creation, among other key elements of PR work.
  • Long form AI | Seth’s Blog
  • Let Claude AI read something you wrote and tell you where you might have gone astray, suggests marketing guru Seth Godin.
  • Teaching PR Strategic Planning – Win With Smart PR
  • Here’s how Michael Smart, one of our favorite PR pundits,  uses ChatGPT to create a communications plan.
  • The Tactical PR Pro and the Strategic PR Pro – Mon., Nov. 20, 2023 – O’Dwyer’s
  • Dan Garza advises tech companies to work with public relations professionals who are strategists and content writers who create and publish valuable articles supporting a well-planned PR strategy.
  • The Ethical Use of AI – Public Relations Society of America
  • To fully embrace AI’s promise and avoid potential ethical pitfalls, we must know how these tools operate. Without such knowledge, we risk omitting the essential human element the communication is meant to serve.