Public Relations // Social Media
Jan 7, 2019

PR Predictions for 2019

It’s time for crystal ball gazing and highlighting what the predictions are in the world of PR, content and social media. Here are a few of our forecasts:

crystal ball

Photo credit: Arthur Osipyan on Unsplash

The need for PR metrics and ROI increases more than before.

If you aren’t measuring your performance on a weekly or monthly basis, now is the time to start. Use a tool such as Talkwalker to help pull those reports together. Look at the results, the performance, the engagement of your PR tactics.

Honesty and transparency trumps all.

In an era of ‘fake news,’ it is more important than ever for organizations to be honest and transparent in everyday communications with employees, investors, customers, and communities, whether that communication is person to person, through social and PR content, or with traditional media.  A version of this prediction was originally published on Sword and the Script by Frank Strong “Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success.” 

It’s all about that content, baby! 

The need to create high-quality content is key to successful PR programs in 2019. What is your company an expert on? Write about that and create long-form authoritative content.

Good writing still means something.

Remember that editors and customer prospects are people first and they appreciate an interesting story or a clever take on something. Use your writing skills to draw people into your message. Boring copy never sells anything.  Be creative! [bctt tweet=”Key Prediction–Good writing still means something. Editors and customer prospects appreciate an interesting story or clever take. Use your writing skills to draw people into your message. Be creative!” username=”MartellComm”]

Less is more.

We all know that sending out weekly press releases or calling editors about news every few weeks is not the way to do. So, instead of blanketing your PR message about, focus on crafting that one great news story or announcement. Not only will you do a higher quality job when you prioritize your news but your core group of editors will appreciate your selectiveness.