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Aug 24, 2018

Q&A: What are the Best Practices for Twitter?

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Question: Should I create multiple Twitter accounts for all my company’s products?

I work for a company that is the umbrella organization and we have a ton of programs underneath it. Back in 2009 when we all started using social media more, the prevailing wisdom was to have one Facebook page for the company, and feature all the various programs under it, and not to have a separate page for each program. Same for Twitter, etc.

A new person started at our company and she wants me to use a separate Twitter handle for each of our programs under the umbrella company. Is that a good idea or not? Won’t it lead to many accounts?


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Dear Multiple Accounts

It isn’t a great idea to have multiple accounts because:

  • The company has built up a following on the existing accounts – how will you get people to follow the new accounts?
  • Setting up new accounts for specific programs and projects leads to a lot of “zombie” accounts that die once the wave passes
  • You should feature each program with specific branding – but on your main account. Come up with a plan such as like a post about it every Tues and Thurs, use branded images that tie to that notion
  • Cite “social media best practices” as a reason not to do that 


Question: Should we be using more hashtags in our tweets?

Twitter hashtagShould our company be using more hashtags in our tweets to cover those folks who follow related terms like #IoT, #connecteddevices #smarthome, #AI, #blockchain, etc?  How many hashtags are needed? What’s your thinking on this?




Dear #howmanyhashtags

All terms are searchable without requiring a hashtag. The current thinking is that posts filled with hashtags are viewed as more “spammy” when coming from the brand, a company. 

[bctt tweet=”Wondering how many hashtags to use? The current thinking is that posts filled with hashtags are viewed as more “spammy” when coming from the brand, a company. ” username=”MartellComm”]

What I like is when an individual at the company is retweeting the company post, and then they can add hashtags, and it is less objectionable because it’s coming from a person vs. a company.

So, less is better and encourage your employees to retweet your company post and then they can add multiple hashtags.

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