Public Relations
Aug 11, 2016

PR Product Recommendation: IrisPR Software

We recently started using the new PR performance software tool IrisPR and we are loving it!

IrisPR logo

You can tell IrisPR is a tool created by PR professionals. With it, you can capture the names of your media contacts, gather the clips of the coverage you generate, and track the status of your PR campaigns and pitches! It’s as if your media database merged with your media monitoring service and all those spreadsheets of PR results that you’ve had to create yourself! 

Why is it so great? It saves time!  The PR software does so much of the grunt work that it frees you to do what you are best at, whether that be writing or contacting editors or strategizing for your clients. (IrisPR claims it can save you up to 5 hours a week with the click of a button!)

How does it work? Simply and intuitively!  Here are some examples.

Blink and You Have It

To collect the coverage you have generated for your company or client, the IrisPR Blink function allows you to instantly capture the publication name, article title, date, link, and author’s name. You then use a series of pull-down labels to categorize the coverage by client, campaign, result type and tone. (Here’s a video on how easy it is to capture clips with Blink!)Blink image

After you’ve captured the coverage, IrisPR creates a report that you can share with your clients with a weblink, or download as a spreadsheet.

Email is the Key

But wait, it gets better. Let’s say you have an email contact of a reporter who just got in touch with you but you don’t have any other information. Type that address into IrisPR and it will search the Internet for information and populate a contact card for you. How’s that for easy?


Names to Faces

And, the awesomeness of IrisPR continues.  You can import your current media lists and IrisPR displays your contacts as visual “cards,”  including headshots. It also collects available social-media links and adds them to your cards. The card display really does help you create and develop better media relationships, especially if you use the tag function and jot down notes that IrisPR will store on the cards.  (Here’s a video that shows you how the cards work.)

Reports Get Better — and Easier

But, the real power of IrisPR is in the campaign and pitch tracking. Let’s say you are starting  to pitch editors for an upcoming trade show or product introduction. You create a campaign name and IrisPR gives you a code to embed in your email pitches to reporters. When you hear back from a reporter, response goes back to IrisPR, which tracks it for you. Ultimately, you’ll see the REAL results of your pitches and know how long it took you to secure that top interview with the key editor in your market space.

And, when it’s time report on your PR results at the end of the month or quarter, you have documentation and REAL numbers to show your client or company management.

Check out IrisPR now–you won’t be disappointed!