Public Relations
Sep 25, 2015

Having an Opinion at the Right Time

Have an OpinionWhat do the Pope’s visit to the US this week and a white paper on universal energy access have to do with one another?  It’s all about timing and using news events to express your company’s opinion.

The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University (our client) had a golden opportunity. The Pope’s visit to the US to address Congress and the United Nations was the right time to raise visibility for the many of the issues that the Miller Center focuses on.  Having just published a white paper on the energy access issue, it was time to call attention to this resource.

The Executive Director of the Miller Center wrote an op-ed piece that was posted Sept. 23 in the San Jose Mercury’s online edition, Silicon Valley and what Pope Francis calls our “ecological debt.”

Then, the Huffington Post published a blog as well, Repaying our Ecological Debt by Taking Innovative Action, also by Thane Kreiner. (Kudos to our writer, Amanda Iles, for working so diligently on this.)