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Dec 13, 2013

5 Tips to Help the Next Generation of PR Pros to Get Started in the Business


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We’ve all been there. Fresh from college, with a brand new degree and looking for a job. What is the best way for new grads to get started in the business? Here are some pointers that you can use when you are talking with PR students that will be graduating soon.

1) Talk to your college’s PR alumni. They won’t bite, I promise! They will enjoy talking to a new grad and giving them the benefit of their wisdom. If they are too busy, they will tell you. Some might even agree to meet you for coffee or a lunch to discuss the best way to break into their part of the PR field.

2) Attend the local PR and business marketing group meetings.  Organizations like PRSA, IABC, etc. have regular monthly meetings with a featured speaker. Attend some of those and mingle with PR pros. Ask questions. Get involved.

3) Put your money where your mouth is and start a blog. If you’re passionate about sports PR or consumer PR, start writing about it.  It gives you a chance to improve your writing, you’ll have a website to direct potential employers to for your portfolio and, if you’re good, you might develop a following!

4) Ask your college professors for recommendations.  They often know of jobs or hiring managers because it’s important for them to stay on top of the industry. They can be a real hidden resource for you.

5) If you’re on social media, start following the companies or agencies that you are interested in working with. That way, you know the types of news that they post.  You may even hear about job openings.

What are your recommendations for new college grads?

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