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Apr 8, 2013

Tesla CEO Takes Media Strategy to New Levels–Will You Do the Same?

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My hometown paper, the San Jose Mercury News, had a great article today about Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and how he is changing the face of media strategy. Reporters Dana Hull and Peter Delevett wrote a great piece that I think will serve as a case study for how companies can use social media and PR in new and different ways. Musk is setting the bar high for other CEOs to follow.

As PR consultants, should we all be recommending the same strategy to our clients?  It’s an interesting opportunity! Granted, most  company CEOs don’t have the hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, nor the sex appeal of the Tesla cars.  But, I think we should be paying attention to this.

How many CEOs will follow his example and start using social media in the same way as Musk?

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