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Jan 10, 2013

Best Ways to Approach Bloggers

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Working with bloggers is different than traditional editors so it’s good to review best practices.  These 6 tips are a refresher for some folks but others are just now starting to pitch to bloggers.   Here are the PR tips for approaching bloggers:

1)  Bloggers should be regarded as experts.  Unlike traditional editors who are often generalists, bloggers can afford to specialize.  Often they have a niche market and they own it.  Treat them with respect–they’ve earned it!

2) Bloggers are interested in generating traffic to their website.  What does that mean for your pitch?  Highlight how your company product or service can help drive traffic to their site.

3) Make comments on the blogger’s site first, before you pitch them.  Just as traditional editors always recommend that you read their magazine or newspaper, reading and commenting on a blogger’s site shows that you’ve read their work and are following them.  Show that you know who they are.

4) Provide links to their site on your website.  Not only does this provide traffic to their website, but it shows you are serious about working with them.  And, it’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” arrangement.

5) Keep your pitch short.  Just as you do when you pitch traditional editors, keep your pitch brief and to the point.  Bloggers are busy people too and they don’t want to read through a lengthy pitch to find out what might be interesting.

6) Customize your pitch to the blogger and don’t just send the press release!  Bloggers, just like traditional editors, want to be pitched story ideas.  Sending a release is asking the blogger to do the work of determining what is interesting to his readers.  Do that work for the blogger in the form of a pitch.

Vocus, providers of powerful PR and marketing software, is another resource for information on working with bloggers, and they discussed this in a recent blog post.

What are some of your best practices for pitching bloggers?