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Question: I’m in charge of our company’s new product announcement. I’ve got my press release written but now I need to reach out to editors to line up interviews. I’ve heard that many editors never even open up emails. How do I write a successful email pitch? 


Email Pitch


Crafting an email pitch



Dear Email Pitch:

You probably know by now that editors and reporters are overwhelmed with pitches every day. They can’t possibly respond to everyone, much less say yes to all the story ideas. And, most editors say that the majority of pitches that they do read miss the mark. They are boring. They’re not newsworthy. They aren’t aimed at the right person. They’re not customized.

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Tips for Success

So, given these odds, how do you stand out and be successful with your pitch?

  1. Keep it short and punchy. Don’t include everything from your press release in the pitch. Choose the one most important message.
  2. Strongly evaluate whether your pitch is really newsworthy. Answer 3 quick questions. Is it relevant? Is it unique? Is it timely?
  3. Customize the pitch to the editor.  Don’t just change the name of each editor and cut and paste the pitch into the body of the email. Editors can tell when the pitch hasn’t been customized for them.
  4. Make it interesting. Tease out the story. Use your creative writing skills to grab the editor’s attention. Don’t be boring.
  5. Know the pub and the editor. Make your pitch relevant to them! Do your research and make sure the editor you are pitching is the right one.
  6. Highlight the local angle, if you have one.
  7. Editors are looking for good visual, stats, infographics and any type of facts and figures. Include a link to the visuals in your email, whether it is on Dropbox or Google Drive. Never include a photo attachment unless an editor asks you to do so.
  8. Find a credible way to use a recognizable company or product name
  9. Check for typos! Editors are word people. If you have a mistake or misspelling, they will hit the delete button. Proofread before pushing send.

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