Top of Mind: PR Responsibilities, Influencer Guidelines, and Writing Like a Pro

Top of Mind Must Reads for the Week of January 15, 2018

Top of Mind is a weekly, hand-curated selection of must read articles on public relations, social media and content marketing. These are the articles that we are reading and reacting to this week. Expert PR advice is all about preparation and knowledge. Hope these articles add to your ongoing education and PR toolkit.

Stop Obsessing: Here Are 7 Areas Where Perfectionism Hinders Good Writing [Infographic] — HubSpot

Do you ever notice yourself getting paralyzed when thoughts float into your brain saying, “What will they think?” This illustrated guide to being a pragmatist vs. a perfectionist will help shake those thoughts out of you, and replace them with, “How can I improve?” Whether you’re writing an article or designing a marketing strategy, remember these steps to keep you on track.

6 Essential PR Predictions for 2018 — Ketchum

As “fake news” widely circulates across the biggest platforms, things like ethics, crisis-management, and personal development become critical in the world of PR. Interesting perspectives pulled from a webinar with Cision highlight how the digital playing field and the world at large are changing, and how that affects the responsibilities of PR professionals. After pondering each of these insights, this article gives you tangible action items to help you plan your path in 2018.

Influencer Disclosure Guidelines: What Marketers and Creators Need to Know — Social Media Examiner

Influencer campaigns are a part of a new social business, and it’s important to conduct yourself professionally, and armed with knowledge for the best results for each party. Here you’ll find ways to abide by FTC disclosure guidelines, plan your campaign content, and give due credit. These best practices are ever-changing, so make sure you stay up to date!

How I Reached Over 100 Million Views on LinkedIn — BAMF Media

There’s something poetic about the WAY Josh Fechter tells a story. By getting creative with how he writes content for LinkedIn, and considering that many users are on mobile with short attention spans, his stylized writing garnered over 100 million views for his variety of clients. We all know the importance of an opening line packing a punch, or using specific snappy words, and he uses these to his advantage. Check out his advice for how to apply these principles to your own stories, and see if your content achieves the same viral resonance.

Survey: Assessing the long-term damage of PR crises — PR Daily

The findings of a study by Clutch (more details here) show that certain incidents involving brands (United, Pepsi, Uber) can fade from people’s minds over time, thereby not affecting sales or reputation too horribly. However – this isn’t always the case. Time can heal some wounds, but if your brand doesn’t have a longer legacy to draw from, or misdemeanors occur consistently, then it’s important to have a stellar crisis management plan.