Asking Questions – An Important Tool to Use in PR

Recently, I asked the students in my PR190 Media Publicity Writing class at San Jose State University this question:  When you start your first PR or communications job, what is the one thing that you should remember to do? I had expected to get an answer of “It’s important to always ask questions in meetings. Speak… [Read More]


SJSU’s PR Day 2013 (Back to the Future for PR)

I went back to San Jose State University to speak to the PR students at the recent PR Day 2013 and the future looks good!  All those young, bright, energetic PR students were very encouraging to see!  And, as a PR alum from San Jose State University, there is nothing I’d like better than to… [Read More]

PR Pros Teach SJSU Students What “Real World PR” is in Silicon Valley at PR Day 2013

  Tomorrow, May 1, I go back to school.  I’m headed back to my alma mater, San Jose State University, as a guest speaker on high-tech PR for “PR Day 2013, Real World: Silicon Valley.”  And, I can’t wait to see what the next generation of PR students will be like. This is the 9th annual… [Read More]