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  • ThriveGlobal

    "I want to make it easier for humans to care for other humans, and to care for themselves through technology. I can see the technology and costs coming together very quickly to provide a much higher level of care for those who need it. People should be able to lead healthier lives by having a much better understanding of their evolving health trends."

  • Embedded Computing

    The Internet of Things has so far meant designing and launching new connected products or redesigning connected versions of existing products. While there’s plenty of value to be gained from newly deployed IoT products, that value can take a while to kick in given the complexity and potentially long lead times for connected-product development.

  • IoT For All

    Don't get stuck on the wrong side of digital transformation and IoT. Here's what you can do to keep from falling behind. TL;DR—be speedy, think like data companies, differentiate via software, leverage your assets and track/manage them remotely.

  • IoT Evolution

    Wi-Fi has some serious drawbacks for IoT, as well. Wi-Fi signals have a limited range, typically tens of meters, and they have trouble penetrating concrete and similar obstacles. That makes Wi-Fi communications challenging within large buildings, across cities, and in many commercial settings.

  • Forbes

    When it comes to experience, embarking on digital transformation through the internet of things is no different from building a house: It is complex to put together and significant know-how is needed. As the co-founder of an IoT software company, I know you can’t solve a lack of experience simply by throwing great technology at it.

  • Appliance Design

    Smart appliances that connect with mobile phones, voice assistants and other systems can enhance a manufacturer’s revenues and help differentiate its products in a crowded consumer marketplace. But creating home appliances for the so-called Internet of Things requires more than simply embedding a wireless chip or adding a sensor.