New Growth in Jobs for PR Pros and Journalists–Content Marketing!

Here’s some good news–the rise of content marketing is creating new job opportunities for PR people and journalists.  In fact, between 2000 and 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that journalism jobs dropped by 25 percent while PR jobs rose by nearly 63 percent.

Public-Relations-Writing-Book-(7)_edited-1The B2B Marketing Mentor blog points out in a recent article that the skills need for this growth in content marketing are skills that PR pros and journalists already have.

So, there is an opportunity to capitalize on this growth and land a content marketing job.

Many companies recognize the importance of having a corporate blog so they are hiring former journalists to write their blogs.

This is an excellent fit for a journalist and ensures that the company blog will be handled by a professional.

And PR people are seeing their roles change too.  Not only do they have to develop news stories for the traditional press channels but now, they have all the company’s social media channels as well as the company’s blogs.  The role of PR has increased, not gotten smaller.

What is the main skill that is needed?  The ability to tell a good story!  And that is something that PR people and journalists have already been doing for years and years.  A PR person can smell a good story a mile away and a journalist knows what fact he or she needs to wrap up a great article.

The importance of Google Authorship will become more and more important in search results.  Developing content marketing pieces will help a PR pro or journalist with their Author Rank in SEO and raise their authority.

Want more resources on content marketing?  Check out the Content Marketing Institute for a wealth of information.

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