Lisa Figlioli

LisaFiglioA consummate “connector,” Lisa Figlioli has a knack for helping you tell your story to media outlets that influence the people you want to reach. She’ll arrange the press tour of your dreams, place your opinion columns, and find homes for your success stories and technical articles. Lisa will make sure your trade show press-meeting dance card is full, your product-review program is in motion, and your speaking calendar is booked well in advance. In addition to her natural talents as a publicist, Lisa is also an experienced PR strategist and manager who develops, directs and implements campaigns, conducts communications research, and writes articles, news releases and other press kit materials.

Prior to becoming a consultant in the early ‘90s, Lisa held senior positions in four high-tech PR agencies — Miller/Shadwick, Franson, Hi-Tech/Shandwick and Jennings — and also worked in-house at Arthur Andersen, Intel and Boston University. Her clients have included some of the most innovative and well-known companies in high tech, such as IBM, Fujitsu, British Telecom, Sun Microsystems, The Learning Company, Advanced RISC Machines (ARM), and Xilinx. With her Martell Communications colleagues, Lisa has supported Amulaire, Analog Devices, Atmosphere Networks, Ayla Networks, Borland, Chiaro, Dolby Labs, Echelon, Etymotic Research, Mohr-Davidow Ventures, SVTC Technologies, Think Outside, and dozens of other technology companies. She lives outside of New York City with her husband and son.