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Jan 15, 2020

2020 Predictions in World of PR, Content and Social

2020 Predictions

It’s the year 2020 and it’s that time for predictions on what we see happening in the world of PR, content marketing and social media. 

2020 Vision

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What can we expect to see in 2020?  Often predictions reflect the hope of what might come to pass as well as the wise expertise that comes from experience. We took stock of what happened in 2019 before deciding on these predictions for 2020. What worked. What didn’t work. What we want to see more of. What we look forward to seeing as a thing of the past. 

Here’s a quick look at what we see happening more of in this new decade:

1) Boosting Promotion of Earned Media Clips

More PR pros will be paying for the promotion of their earned media coverage. Because earned media comes from third-party sources, it makes sense for a company to pay for the promotion of that coverage and capture more visibility among additional audiences.

2) Treating Executives’ Personal LinkedIn Accounts as Media Channel

B2B companies will be treating their executives’ personal LinkedIn accounts as another media channel. Communicators will be writing posts for executives to publish to their LinkedIn networks.

3) Focusing on “Main Course Content” 

Companies will take one overall message to focus on for the year and develop a “main course,” one big long-form piece of content. Then, they’ll create “appetizers” or ‘snacks” based on that main course content piece. It’s time for dinner! 

4) Focus More on Storytelling in Social Posts Versus Self-Promotion

B2B companies will make a shift in their social strategy and focus more on storytelling in their social media posts in order to increase engagement. This means less self-promotion of company products, events, and activities. 

5) Be Your Own Publisher

We recommend to our clients that they find more ways to publish their own content. We encourage them to be their own publisher. If an editor doesn’t have room for your news, you need to find ways to blog about it, promote it on social media, and write it into your website content. 

What are your predictions? Do you agree or disagree? Here’s a look at some other predictions across the industry: