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Oct 15, 2019

Does Your LinkedIn Page ‘Work’ for Your Company?

LinkedIn Lessons: Does Your LinkedIn Page ‘Work’ for Your Company?

LinkedIn has been around since 2003, and nearly every professional we know has used the platform at one time or another to post a resume and photo, network with peers, or scout for jobs. 

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Over the years, however, LinkedIn also has become THE place for companies to host “pages” dedicated to reaching business audiences that matter most to them. In addition to some 30 million company pages, there are thousands of subsections, called “showcase pages,” which companies use to promote business lines, products, brands and initiatives. And, there yet thousands more “affiliate pages” for organizations and subsidiaries attached to company pages.

Because LinkedIn contains a potential worldwide audience of 590+ million professionals, LinkedIn pages can be powerful tools for business marketers to create awareness, recruit employees, generate sales leads, affect opinions and promote events.

Is Your Page ‘Working’ for Your Company?

Chances are, the company you represent has a LinkedIn page. If it’s simply an “About Us” placeholder, however, you are missing an opportunity. A LinkedIn company page needs to be a place where people will find useful information that solves their business problems, answers their business questions, and invites engagement. 

If you need to build a company page, or overhaul your current one, LinkedIn offers excellent step-by-step instructions, examples, and lots of advice for best practices in its marketing solutions section. 

Tell us: Does your company have a dynamic LinkedIn page? What kinds of posts attract the most attention?

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Clients ask us questions about LinkedIn all the time. Questions like ‘How do we get more engagement? What’s the right posting schedule? How do we improve our company page?’

So, we decided to create a series of LinkedIn lessons.  Our hope is that these will guide you toward better a better LinkedIn presence.  We hope you’ll follow along.

Here’s the lineup of lessons:

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  2. When – and How Often – to Post?
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  4. Sponsored Content–A Trusted Tool
  5. The Best Practices of LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman
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