Public Relations // Social Media
Mar 6, 2017

Tips on How to Use Social Media at an Event

If you’re attending a trade show or industry conference, there are a few things you can do on social media before and during the event. Here are some tips:

  1. Create some social media posts ahead of time. Use Hootsuite or Meet Edgar or other scheduler to set up your posts BEFORE you leave for the event. You can schedule posts for the day before, the first day of the show and the last day, for example.
  2. Use the Twitter account or hashtag of the event. Take the time to find out the Twitter account of the event and/or the hashtag(s) that are used.  Then, include those in your posts. People often search Twitter for news at a show and, by using the account name or hashtag, your posts will be included.
  3. Decide what speakers you want to meet and tweet to them. Check out the agenda and tweet to the speakers that you’d like to listen to and/or meet. You can post a simple comment such as “Looking forward to hearing talk from @xyzspeaker.” The speaker will most likely retweet your post or respond to you.
  4. Take and post pictures. Post pictures of the speakers, the signs of various panels, people at a panel, etc. Tag the speakers in the pictures, use the official Twitter account and/or hashtag. As you probably know, adding a photo increases the interest in your post. Here are some more ideas of what type of photos to take at a trade show.
  5. Make Twitter cards.  Using a photo or video on a Twitter card is a great way to add images to your posts. If your company has a booth at the trade show, you can use your company logo, add a slogan and the booth number.

    Example of a company Twitter card for CES trade show

    Or, you can create a Twitter card with the logo of the conference. After you hear a good speaker, you could create a Twitter card with a quote you heard the speaker say. Check out this primer on Twitter cards.

What are some of your ideas about creating social media posts for events?