Public Relations
Feb 16, 2013

What’s the Secret to a Great Pitch?

Want to know the secret to a great PR pitch? Make it short, relevant and interesting!

typewriter lettersMake it short. Editors, whether they cover lifestyle, health or high technology, all receive hundreds of email pitches in a week. They can sniff out a good pitch in seconds.  If your subject line doesn’t grab their attention, they won’t open your email.  If you have too much jargon in the first sentence, they trash it.

Make it relevant. Most editors say that the pitches they get aren’t even appropriate for their publication or their beat. This week, Rachel King from ZDNet, wrote about getting pitched on a mass wedding for employees that had nothing to do with the technology beat she covers.

Make it interesting. Offer a fresh perspectives from a subject-matter expert. Find a way to advance a story–what’s new now?  What makes your angle new?  Don’t just include the body of the press release in the email.

Happy pitching!