Public Relations
Dec 5, 2012

Use the Calendar to Give You Ideas For PR

Have you ever wondered how you can be topical with your news, your blog, your Twitter posts? Take a look at your calendar and talk about what’s happening this month and find a tie-in to your industry.

December is the ideal time to think about the possibilities for the new year. Do you have a unique perspective on your industry that you can write about? Can you talk about whether your market is trending up and looking down? It’s also fun to put together a Top 10 List for 2013, with your company outlook and slant, of course.


It’s also the holiday season so it’s the perfect time to reflect on the spirit of Christmas. What has your company done to help others–donated time or money to local charity or event?  Can you talk about what that experience meant to you?  Offered advice and help to college graduates looking for jobs? Helped open doors for a start-up company?  What have you done that has real meaning?

Then, look in the “rear view mirror” and summarize what has happened in 2012 to your company or industry.  What were the big events, the large partnerships, the major product introductions, the mistakes, the home runs.  If your company has had a major success in the year, this is a great way to talk about what that means.

There is always a way to use the calendar to give you ideas for PR.