Press Coverage


  • Semiconductor Engineering

    Internet of Things startups took in more than $1.35 billion from corporate and private investors during the latter half of 2017, for a total of about $2.2 billion in the full year.

  • IoT Innovator

    IoT Innovator is pleased to announce the winners in its inaugural ‘50 Most Innovative IoT Companies in 2017’ Awards, which uncover and honor the most cutting-edge companies dotting the IoT landscape.

  • Developing Telecoms

    China Telecom has selected the Ayla PaaS IoT platform as the basis for an ambitious IoT initiative. Ayla's joint venture partner in China, Sunsea Telecommunications, has formed a strategic partnership with China Telecom and will work with the operator to co-develop full end-to-end smart IoT solutions based on Ayla's technology.

  • RTC Magazine

    HVAC product design has become a game of balance to determine how many new features can be squeezed into an existing product design without breaking it. That approach won’t work for the Internet of Things (IoT). While HVAC architectures have always been composites of multiple, distributed elements, the distributed elements of IoT products operate less and less independently from the system as a whole.

  • Network World

    Ayla's a startup, but one that boasts 100 "large enterprise" customers and that just closed a hefty $60 million Series D round of funding in November. The product is an "agile" IoT platform, a software framework designed to integrate collection, ingestion and analysis of IoT data in a way that's easy for businesses to apply to their existing processes.

  • Enterprise Networking Planet

    Now that the hybrid cloud has become the focus of enterprise infrastructure development, IT executives are starting to confront the thorny issue of maintaining adequate connectivity between disparate data centers.

  • EnterpriseTech

    As you expand your public cloud presence, your cloud networking challenges increase exponentially. Unfortunately, relying on traditional networking technologies such as virtual routers (vRouters) as you scale into the cloud is not the wisest — or the safest — approach.

  • Network World

    When enterprises started moving workloads and applications to the public cloud, it made sense to adapt existing networking technologies to the new domain. But while compute and storage have successfully become ‘cloud-like,’ networking hasn't.


  • Sand Hill

    Digital transformation is a frequent buzzword in business today, but there’s considerable debate about how to define it, much less how to achieve it. Most definitions agree on a general outline: Business transformation is the widespread integration and application of digital technologies in ways that lead to fundamental changes at all levels of operation.

  • Credit Union Journal

    Two big blockchain partnerships in the credit union space were announced recently, but the question is, are CU executives finally prepared to do more than just dip a toe into distributed ledger technology?