Brand journalism

Q&A: What is Brand Journalism? Should I Use It?

PR Problem Solvers Q&A Blog Series Question: I’m hearing more and more about brand journalism and wonder if my company should start a brand journalism initiative. Can you give me an overview of brand journalism? What is it? How is different than PR and content marketing? Signed, Looking into brand journalism     Answer: Dear… [Read More]

Crafting an email pitch

Q&A: How do you write a successful email pitch?

PR Problem Solvers Q&A Blog Series Question: I’m in charge of our company’s new product announcement. I’ve got my press release written but now I need to reach out to editors to line up interviews. I’ve heard that many editors never even open up emails. How do I write a successful email pitch?  Signed, Email Pitch  … [Read More]

Image: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash

What Is a Content PR Strategy?

It’s no secret that the media landscape has changed and reporters no longer can cover companies in their beat the same way they did 5 years ago, 10 years ago, etc. Most reporters are struggling to keep their heads above water, with many more demands placed on their time. This landscape continues to change the… [Read More]


Q&A: How Can I Increase My Personal Brand?

PR Problem Solvers Q&A Blog Series Question: How can I increase my personal brand? I’m in the job market and I’m wondering what I can do to increase my own brand.   Signed, Branding Myself Answer: Dear Branding Myself: Turn your PR skills to your best client–you! Write and publish content for yourself. There are… [Read More]

Is share of voice a good pr metric to use martellpr

Q&A: Is Share of Voice a Good PR Metric to Use?

PR Problem Solvers Q&A Question: I’ve been asked to prepare a presentation on PR metrics for the next board of directors meeting. Is share of voice a good PR metric to use? Signed, PR Metrics   Answer: Dear PR Metrics: Share of voice is one of those vanity metrics that companies like to track, along with… [Read More]

what are the best practices for twitter martellpr

Q&A: What are the Best Practices for Twitter?

PR Problem Solvers Q&A Question: Should I create multiple Twitter accounts for all my company’s products? I work for a company that is the umbrella organization and we have a ton of programs underneath it. Back in 2009 when we all started using social media more, the prevailing wisdom was to have one Facebook page for… [Read More]