Building Your Personal Brand

Q&A: How Can I Increase My Personal Brand?

PR Problem Solvers Q&A Blog Series Question: How can I increase my personal brand? I’m in the job market and I’m wondering what I can do to increase my own brand.   Signed, Branding Myself Answer: Dear Branding Myself: Turn your PR skills to your best client–you! Write and publish content for yourself. There are… [Read More]

Is share of voice a good pr metric to use martellpr

Q&A: Is Share of Voice a Good PR Metric to Use?

PR Problem Solvers Q&A Question: I’ve been asked to prepare a presentation on PR metrics for the next board of directors meeting. Is share of voice a good PR metric to use? Signed, PR Metrics   Answer: Dear PR Metrics: Share of voice is one of those vanity metrics that companies like to track, along with… [Read More]


What’s Your Line? How to Use Email to Pitch Stories Like a Pro

(Note: This blog post originally appeared in MuckRack.  It has been modified slightly.) In Hollywood, it’s the logline. In newsrooms, it’s the headline. In PR, it’s the email subject line — and first sentence of an email pitch — that can make all the difference when PR pros pitch stories to the media. But how… [Read More]

MartellPR Top of Mind

Top of Mind: LinkedIn Video, PR Conversations, and Your Social Bubble

Top of Mind Must Reads for the Week of April 16, 2018 Top of Mind is a weekly, hand-curated selection of must read articles on public relations, social media and content marketing. These are the articles that we are reading and reacting to this week. Expert PR advice is all about preparation and knowledge. Hope… [Read More]